What is Find Guide?

It is an application for finding guides, private tours, and personal excursions worldwide! With us you can choose the guide you want to visit the city with: by city, language, dates, the excursion routes and other parameters. Pick up the tours and guides, discuss the details, and get an amazing experience of visiting the most interesting places around the world.

Why Find Guide?

Find Guide lets you choose the guide by yourself, get pleasure from visiting the cities you dreamed about, and get the unique personalized experience of having non-trivial private tours with local guides. We’re constantly adding new guides around the world, working to improve the application, and making your travel experience easy, convenient and fast. 

How does Find Guide work?

You download the app from the Apple or Google stores, and sign in with the phone number. After you start to create your tour request. You choose the city where you need a guide, places you want to visit (and if you don’t know or can’t choose, there is an option for a guide to offer you ones), languages you speak, and want to listen to the excursion, and the tour dates. That’s all! Your request on the tour is posted! After that you wait for the replies from guides or write to them directly, discuss the details, share the contacts, and start your unique, amazing, and memorable tour!

How do I create my account?

Download the application from the Apple or Google stores, and sign in with the phone number. You’re great! The account is created. We also recommend you to add the name and upload the profile picture for guides to easily find you and discuss the tour details. 

Is it free for me to use the platform?

Yes, the platform for you is totally free of charge! The tour price you discuss directly with the guide, when arranging the excursion details. When the tour is over, you pay the discussed price for the guide in person. Find Guide doesn’t take part in the payment process.

Who are the tour guides I’ll find on the website ?

The guides you see in the application are chosen from all over the world. We verify them, contact them directly, talk about their guide experience, and check their documents. Qualified guides are marked with label Pro, and guides with the experience, but without the guide certificate, with label Local.

How do I change the contact details in my account?

In your profile you will find the "Contact information" section. Here you can change your contact details like phone number and email address by clicking at it.

Once you’ve done this, we’ll email you to confirm the changes.

How can I take a break from Find Guide service?

If you wish to take a break longer than 3 months and if you don't know when you are coming back exactly, we can temporarily deactivate your profile. In order to do that, please contact us via email: care@find.guide. 

How do I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account please send us a message and your profile will be deleted.

What shall i do if i can't find an answer to my question?

Please contact us via email: care@find.guide.