Just imagine:

Private tours to the best historical and cultural places worldwide 

Guides that make you fall in love with the cities

Unique travel experience to remember forever 

About Us

Find Guide is a mobile app for iOS and Android to guide you into a wonderful world of non-trivial historical and cultural sights. We let you pick the guide by yourself, matching him with each of the criteria you have, in the city you plan to visit, speaking any language or languages you know. 

All you need to do is choose the city, language, sights, dates, and pick the guide that you prefer the most from the list of compatible ones. 

We’re striving to make your travel experience more unique, valuable, and fascinating. Thus, just download the app for your mobile, sign in with the phone number, and be ready for your unforgettable tour!    

Why Find Guide?

Find Guide aspires to keep the memory, history, and the value of the cultural heritage worldwide. We believe that a personal approach raises more interest in any of monuments, buildings, and other people’s legacy around the Earth. 

That is why we want to create a place where you can find a guide in an easy and transparent way, with all of the features you may want, by any language you know, speak, and want to listen to the excursion, discuss the details about the tour, and spend an amazing time wherever you want or plan to go. 

We aim to create a free, thriving, curious community for guides and tourists to find each other and share the amazing tour experience anywhere - together

In recent years guided and crowded excursions have become a forgotten thing. We want to bring back their popularity and valuation, but in our own way - private, personalized, and matching exactly for you. That is why we think that guided tours can gain popularity again, becoming in demand even among the young people, who used to explore the cities and attractions without any cultural or historical context. 

We want people again to start appreciating the beauty, inclusiveness, value, and eternity of the historical and cultural monuments around the world. Imagine how great it would be to return the historical meaning to each of the sights anywhere on Earth, to run it through time for future generation!

That would be the future world with Find Guide. 

Join us and find your guide for the next trip!